Transform your face and your voice with crazy effects !

Amazing Features

All you need to create hilarious photos and videos. In one single app !

More than 50 visuals effects

With more than 50 effects you are sure to find what you need to transform your face in hilarious ways.

Unlimited possibilities

You can easily customize the effect to create unique pictures/videos : combine up to 2 effects, adjust the effect settings so it perfectly fit your face, etc.

Easy to use

We designed CrazyCam so a child can use it (and actually, they do). You don't need a MBA degree to understand and enjoy the app.

Awesome audio effects

Tired of apps that can only transform the image and add filters ? CrazyCam can also change your voice for an even more hilarious result.

Advanced features

CrazyCam also provides advanced effects : reverse, boomerang, remove audio. Everything you need to create even more crazy videos.

And more...

And of course you can save, manage and share your pictures/videos.

Introducing the CrazyWall

You don't feel like creating your own video (but we know you will!) ? No problem. Just browse the CrazyWall for your daily doze of LOLz.

  • Pictures and videos from users all over the world.
  • Mark your favorites, share them with your friends.
  • Send your own creations and break the internet.
  • 100% FREE.

Take a look

So you can see what you'll get !

Download now. It's all fun.

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